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Going behind the scenes of your teeth

At Dental Care Centre Mansfield, we offer both cosmetic and general dental care. You’re sure to find the right treatment for you and your needs. We help you maintain gum, teeth and general oral health with practical advice and cleaning techniques that will keep your mouth feeling fresh, healthy and free of plaque.

Whilst we believe in preventative dentistry, treatment may be required to help you. We will to provide a full range of options. If we believe that your interests are best served by treatment under referral, we may advise a consultation with an external care provider that we trust to take good care of you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you treat decayed and chipped teeth?

Our dental crowns and veneers can help improve the appearance of chipped or decayed teeth and can even help ‘lift’ the brilliance of your smile.

How can you treat missing teeth?

We offer dentures and bridges to help restore gaps left by missing teeth, which mimic the look of natural teeth and are just as easy to care for.

How do you treat decay and infection?

In these situations, as in the case of loose teeth, extraction might be your best option. We also offer extraction for wisdom teeth.

Do you offer root canals?

Yes. We first treat the cause of infection within the tooth, then fill the hole left behind with a filling.

More Information

How much does general dentistry cost?

It depends on the treatment(s) you’re having. We aim to be as clear and open about our pricing as possible, so you know what to expect.

How does NHS treatment differ?

NHS treatments usually have a longer waiting time than private treatments, and they don’t cover the same range, as cosmetic treatments aren’t usually available on the NHS. You’ll also find we’re more flexible in our appointment times, too.

How do I book my treatment?

Simply visit our contact page, where you’ll be able to fill out a form or give us a call.

Why should I book with you?

Our patients – and their smiles – are our top priority, and creating healthy, beautiful teeth is our passion. We’re proud of the care we give and our patients are, too – we have lots of fantastic reviews, which are a testament to the skill and expertise of our staff.